MARK IV Training Centre was conceived from the demand from both Private and Corporate request for training in Precision Engineering Practice.

Our focus at the start is on some specific areas of study in Mechanical engineering

  • Automobile
  • Fitting Machining

The two major areas are broken down to detailed specialties, the student would choose to pursue.

The reason for the specialized training is to ensure our student are not just learning everything but we can of exactly say what they can best do at any point in time.

For example:

  • Brakes Services / maintenance Specialization
  • Analyze Break System, design parameter and vehicular performance effects.
  • Evaluate the compromises between stability, steerability and stopping distance.
  • Calculate dynamic brake balance and explain the benefit to DRP.
  • Identify the discrete mechanical components required for ABS
  • ABS performance and many more just to mention but few.

More details in our training curriculum, We are setting up Automobile maintenance workshop where students are relating with real time customer Service Situations not just dummy lectures.

We have well equipped workshop and classrooms to enable students understand the relationship between practice and theory.

We look forward to having strictly specialized engineering training courses for our Automobile, Fitting and Machining trainees. Upon completion of a particular area of Specialty a certificate is awarded.

Our focal point is to make use or fill the vacuum most of the students who came for Industrial Training or graduate who cannot make a connection between theory and practice.

We want every trainee from our centre to have this confidence that He or She can understand practice and develop something new based on the practical knowledge and exposure from the centre.

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