Crankshaft Remanufacturing

We use an AMC off-set crankshaft grinding machine with a 2m capacity between centers which allow for a high level of precision and ….

Engine Block Remanufacturing

We have the facilities to machine both for cylinder block main and camshaft housings as well as cylinder head camshaft housings….

Marine Engineering

Our support activities ranges from Consultancy; Repairs and maintenance; Ship’s technical management and …

Automobile Repairs

We specialise in Service Technicians – routine servicing on cars and vans; Diagnostic Technicians; Brake and Transmission Technicians; Body Repair Technicians and …….

Training Services

Training Centre was conceived from the demand from both Private and Corporate request for training in Precision Engineering Practice. Our student are not just learning everything but..

Industrial Castolin Welding

This includes:

MIG Welding ,Stick Welding or Arc welding,TIG Welding, Plasma Arc Welding.

Generator Repairs

Our Services Includes:

Maintenance, Routine servicing, Repairs and Renting

Turning works and fabrication

Our centre lathe turning capacity is up to 9m between centres and 900mm diameter. Milling services are also available.

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